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Are Free Ukrainian dating sites better than paid ones? Lets Get Down To The facts


"Better" is relative. You probably have a chance of getting less "spam" on paid sites, but that's just one portion of the equation. Free sites might attract younger or have more members, while some paid sites might contain more serious relationship-seekers.

Usually all women registering at any Ukrainian dating site be it totally free or paid have use of all features as would a paid member and probably you will have just as chance meeting the same women on a free or paid dating site. As is the case for men women are often signed up to multiple sites to keep their options opnen.


For women Ukrainian dating sites that are totally Free for men usually have a lower quality of men and often women will ask to be removed or stop visiting the free sites after a short time, usually just a few days or a week or two max. Free sites are often full of men from third world countries , who cannot afford dinner let alone a flight to Eastern Europe, many of these men will just want the chance for free sex chat with the ladies and it is easy to see why so many ladies have such a short time on Free Ukrainain dating sites that dont charge.


That does not mean it is not possible for a guy from the US to meet a women on any totally Free Ukrainian dating site, but it does mean often you may start to chat with a women only to find she has removed her profile a few days later.

One advantage of paid sites is usually guys who are willing to pay a monthly subscription are serouse in their searches meaning women are probably more willing to stay on such sites searching for a partner. On paid sites there is less chance of women being pestered by some guy in the middle of a desert looking for sex chat. You will also find usually paid sites invest heavy in online safety and you will probably have less chance of being scammed or chatting with fake women on any paid site.


Everyone has their own opinion so probably the best advice is to try a Free Ukrainian dating site first if it doesnt work out then move up to a paid site.



So You Want To Succeed On A Free Ukrainain Dating Site? Follow These "No Bullshit" Tips And You Will


Many single men who decide to search for a Ukrainian women to marry are put off by the costs they have heard in the media, often media sources quote the average man searching for a Ukrainian women to date with, leading to marriage will spend in excess of $75k Of course it is not going to be a cheap trip for sure as your going to have to make multiple trips to Ukraine unless you are lucky and meet your love on the first trip, but few men are, usually it is 2/3 years searching before you find your perfect Ukrainain women to marry.

One of the biggest problems with many guys when they sign up to a free Ukrainain dating site or a subscription Ukrainian dating site is they often feel let down after the first week, many are expecting to be flooded with messages and often this is not the case.  Ukrainian women are very beautiful and down to earth women, often a Ukrainian women is happy to date an older man (Within reason) and he doesn't have to be a movie star. But just like any other women in the world they do not like writing to men without photos in their profiles, would you write to women with no photos?

If you are serous about finding a Ukrainian women for marriage you need to at least make some effort when you first register at any Ukrainian dating site and always upload some recent photos do not worry if your not looking like a movies star as any genuine Ukrainain women will be marrying you for your personality not your looks.


We want you to succeed on our Ukrainain dating site, more success stories = more happy members and more future members , follow our dating tips and your already on the way! No fall promises just good old real dating advice, it will be hard work and there maybe heart ache along the way but you really can marry a Ukrainian women if you are ready to work at it and have realistic expectations.
1. What are the chances of me failing in my search for a Ukrainian women for marriage?
2. Interested in Free Ukrainian Dating Sites ? Want to Succeed In Your Search? Let Us Show You How!
3. Met A Women On A Genuine Free Ukrainian Dating Site? Expectations Of A Ukrainian Women For Dating
4. Ukrainian Women Her Pet Hates, You Must Know This If You Want To Win Her Heart!
5. Our top 2 recommended Free Sign Up Ukrainian dating sites. For Unlimited Chat And Messaging There Is A Small Monthly Fee.
6. Summery Of Ukrainian Dating And How To Win



Searching for a Ukrainian women for marriage is going to be hard work and will take some serious effort, but the good news is providing you are ready to work at it you really can do it with no major problems. Finding any Ukrainian women willing to give up her life in Ukraine and distance herself from her family is not such an easy task as many may think. Long gone are the days when you could just turn up, flash your passport about and have yourself a Ukrainian bride within a few hours willing to marry you, if you're expecting that to happen today, you are probably better off giving up your search right now and concentrate on your home patch.


One of the biggest points with Ukrainain dating in fact any online dating is it is very important to be Pro-active once signed up to the site, don't expect the women to come flocking to you, it simply does not happen anymore and remember these beautiful women will have plenty of guys chasing them , many of these guys will be only to happy to be pro active and spend all night writing to lots of girls , the best girls are going to be to busy answering mails from these guys to sit and write to a man who has made no attempt to communicate with her.


The best possible tip here is to compose a simple yet short introductory message and copy paste it each and every day to a minimum of 20/30 Ukrainain and keep this up for 3/4 weeks, yes it is boring and time consuming BUT it works! After a few days you should start to get some replies in allowing you to select your favorite ladies to continue communication with on a more personal Level by Type or Whats app. Do not be afraid to write to ladies that are not quiet who you are looking for as you will be amazed at all the men who have married a Ukrainain girl they first thought they had nothing in common with.



What Are The Chances Of Me Failing In My Search For A Ukrainian Bride For Marriage? On A Paid Or Free Ukrainain Dating Site


There are many reasons why a man can fail in his search and probably give up after a short time but generally there are a few points that will almost for definite mean you will probably never find your Ukrainian bride , you will probably also find yourself stuck on many sites for months or even years on end getting no where going back and forth basically wasting your time and probably falling victim to several scammers along the way. So here are a  points to show you are doing something very wrong, if you're doing any of these then the bad news is your probably never going to find your love in Ukraine  be it on a free or subscription site.


1. You're a 68 year old guy sending messages to 20/30 year old women. Defiantly  a No No you're never going to get any where, trust me on this.


2. You're offering every women you speak to a ticket immediately to come to your country and visit you. Do not do this! Firstly it may seem to the women that you think they are easy even they may 

get the idea you think they are cheap sex. It is ALWAYS the man who visits the women first.


3. You are telling lies about your age, ok 3/4 years will not kill anyone ! But if your telling the ladies your 38 when actually your 58, unfortunately you will never get any where. At some point she 

is going to find out, and if there is one thing Ukrainain women do not like it is a guy who lies. 


4. Making out in conversations that you will be rescuing the lady from her terrible life in Ukraine and if she shows no interest in your advances telling her in a sarcastic way "Well good luck with your local drunkard men. This is not the way to speak to any Ukrainain women, you are not her savior or in fact any Ukrainian women savior 


5. Not expect to find  your Ukrainian beauty over night, many men sign up and expect results in just days or weeks. Sorry that does not happen on average it takes 2/3 years to find a partner to marry in Ukraine.



Doing those 5 points alone will unfortunately ensure you never find your love in Ukraine.


The bottom line? Always be honest and realistic in your searches. And always ensure you sign up to one of the best free Ukrainian dating sites or better still to a high quality subscription Ukrainain dating site.


Interested In The Best Free Ukrainian Dating Sites ? Ukrainian Women Information.


Many Western men have a typical  stereotypical image of Ukrainian women is of tall, blonde, blue-eyed beauties with slender figures and stunning looks most Western men think every single women from Ukraine looks like this , in fact some men think there is no such thing as an over weight Ukrainain women women but of course Ukraine is just like any other country in the world with a fair share of over weight women your also going to find tall short , beautiful and not so beautiful women in Ukraine.


But generally when you meet Ukrainian women on any free Ukrainian dating site they will often be tall blondes although just about every other variation is also there. It’s important to remember that when you think about. "Slavic beauties" that is actually what they are and it is very easy to understand why so many Western men pursue these women for marriage and dating. But you also need to understand that despite what you may of seen in the Western media and despite the economic situation in Ukraine these beautiful women are not looking to marry any man to escape Ukraine, so you need to be ready to work at finding a beauty to marry.


What is absolutely sure about Ukrainain women is they love to look after their bodies and love to look great at all times , they regularly exercise and have a good diet ensuring they stay fit and in tune all the time.


Anyone who knows anything about Ukrainain women will always tell you how Ukrainian women are generally in great physical shape some will even say Ukrainian women take it just a little further when it comes to looking after their bodies and looking beautiful at all times. Just signing up to any Ukrainain dating site will give you an idea of how beautiful these women can be. Very different to Western women.


Ukrainian women take considerable care about themselves not just to impress you!  but because they like to take care of themselves its in their blood and goes back for centuries. Try comparing a Western women's looks to any Ukrainain women and you will see a start contrast. The majority of Western women are too too busy with social justice and political correctness then they are in their own aesthetic and physical well-being. Western women have changed so much in the last twenty years that it is becoming more and more popular for Western men to seek a women from Eastern Europe who still likes to look after herself and is one of the reasons free Ukrainian datings sites are becoming more and more popular.


You will also notice Ukrainian women are very fashion conscious they know how to look smart and sexy in one go. Just take a  walk down Kreschatik Avenue in Kiev on a nice day, and you’d be easy to think you were in Paris or New York. These girls really do know how to dress to impress.


Absolutely free ukrainian dating


Met A Women On A Absolutely Free Ukrainian Dating Site? Expectations Of A Ukrainian Women When Married.


You would off probably heard about Ukrainain men often having problems with alcohol and although there are some problems you should not always believe all stories you read in the Western media. But with this in mind it is easy to understand her  first real expectation of you and that is that you don drink much, socially yes anything more simply would not be acceptable. One of the main  reasons we’re mentioning this here is that most Ukrainian women look for foreign husbands because they can’t find suitable men in their own country very easy, but at the same time you should not be under the impression that every women in Ukraine is willing to up roots and marry any foreign husband just to get away from the drunkard men in her own town, this is not true and never has been.



Ukrainian women have always been traditional in the thinking when it comes to marriage and the women part in the household often believing the women part is to be the house keeper and raise the children though this is changing fast as more and more young women in Ukraine want to build a career before starting a family especially the educated young Ukrainain women. 


Ukrainian women enjoy motherhood and all that comes with raising children.


What does a Ukrainain women look for own her man? When it comes to men Ukrainian women will expect you to be masculine, but without being too much of a Rambo. She's not looking for Rambo or some kind of super man but she will expect you to act like a man and generally be the man about the house and in the relationship, Ukrainain women do not like the kind of guy who will need to double check with his mother for important decisions  , you should be strong willed and have your own mind, Ukrainain women love this trait in a guy. 


Ukrainian girls have always liked to be chased  by the boys and nothing is different now, but you should always be carful not to overdo it and share her away. Always play it safe try to pursue her in a friendly manner and not bombard her with text messages and phone calls or you may scare her away. If you want to pursue her in a good way it is always a good idea to send her some flowers each week , Ukrainain women adore a guy who takes the time  to send some flowers to her.


You may of heard many stories about Ukrainain women often doing any thing to please their husbands and though this is kind of true you should understand that Ukrainian women have very strong family traditions and for them it is most important to keep the family together, you could say at all costs but do not kid yourself that you will be able to walk over your Ukrainain wife as she will not tolerate this sort of treatment in any way.

 Another expectation is the amount of time it takes for her to fully invest in a relationship with a foreign man , it is not something she wants to do then have to throw away 6 months later as probably you will also not want to start your search again after only just becoming married. The bottom line is you will both have to work at the relationship to make it work which may involve having to make some compromises together. 



It’s also important to remember that in your relationship she is the one who is going to have to relocate to another family, she is the one who will leave her job, her family and friends behind to start a new life with you in a totally new country and environment. You will need to be prepared to take it very easy during the transitional period as she will probably be missing home very much and will need much understanding and consideration. it is important to make her feel at home as soon as possible you could even see if there is a local Ukrainain community in your city where she maybe able to mix and socialize with other women from Ukraine, this always works well for many women.


Her Pet Hates It Is Best You Know Them!


Ok let us get down to some nitty gritty stuff which could save you from having a very bad experience in the early days of your relationship. Let's speak about the worst pet hate and something  for what ever reason you must try to avoid at all times what ever the cost! So what is it? It is to never, ever discuss your ex-girlfriends, or even worse your ex-wife with your Ukrainian women. Do not even think about going there any slight mention or worse still comparing here to any past girlfriends is going to land you in very hot water indeed. Bottom line? Do not even think about mentioning it ever, unless she asks you about any ex girlfriends but even then keep it simple.


If you are lucky enough to marry a beautiful Ukrainain women it is important not to act like a king or be little her in any way especially when it comes to material things or you could find she will be ending the relationship any day soon. It is important to treat her as an equal at all times, do this and you can be sure of a long lasting and good relationship with your Ukrainain partner.




To Summarise Your Experience On Any Paid Or Totally Free Ukrainian Dating Sites ?
We all want a good online dating experience but the end of the day any Ukrainain dating be it free Ukrainain dating or subscription Ukrainain dating you will only get out what you put in. If you are a realist guy with realistic expectations, prepared to take your time and put some effort in then there is no reason why you cannot also become a "success story" and really marry a Ukrainain women. If your an older guy seeking a younger women of 30/40 years younger you will probably not succeed and will become one of the many failures , all is up to you! be realistic use some common sense and all should go well.
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