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How to Succeed at Finding a Ukrainian Wife on

Sometimes the world just doesn’t seem fair. It’s not right. 


  • The race is not always won by the fittest
  • The best job doesn’t always go to the best candidate
  • The best woman doesn’t marry the best man

It’s just not fair!


Look at online dating. It should make it easier than ever to find the ideal woman. It should be like shopping for a wife (and yes, I know that it isn’t politically correct to write in such terms – but we know the truth and the truth is the truth!). The promise is clear – browse some profiles, find somebody you like the look of and get in touch. With a little bit of luck, she’ll like you back and you can look forward to a life together of married bliss.


Well, yes, that’s the theory.


But here’s the truth: 

Online dating is, for most people, just like the shooting gallery at a fun fair – you know the one. Where you plink away at a load of ‘easy’ targets to win the big cuddly toy but, instead, the shots from your rigged gun go everywhere except the target.

Truth is that online dating is tough, full of hidden rules, cheating, ‘sure things’ that are anything but, and more ways to part a man from his money than you can shake a very shaky stick at!

But, For Some There Will Be a Cuddly Toy!

In this article, I am going to share with you just how you can be the man who gets the good job, wins the race, and marries the best woman. If you follow my advice you can get the big cuddly toy!

When it comes to looking for a Ukrainian bride it seems as though, for all the individual men who are looking for the ideal partner for their lives, they come in two groups. There’s a large group of guys who will almost certainly not end up with a lovely wife from Ukraine. For these guys, success comes by accident and to perhaps 5% of its members. 

Then there’s a much smaller group of guys and their chances of success are much, much, higher.

First, let me tell you about the larger group of guys and, before we get started, if you see yourself described here then STOP RIGHT NOW – change what you are doing and read on to find out how you can join Group 2!

Here’s How to Fail

Follow this short guide to join the 95% who spend money, have dreams, get disappointed.



  • Only write to women at least 25 years younger than you are. The stories you heard about Ukrainian girls who prefer older guys and who are desperate to leave their home country – lies, all lies!
  • Do not be proactive on the site. Wait to be contacted by women, of course they should be young and beautiful or it is not even worth replying to them – No, no no! The real prospects, and there are a few, are busy living their lives, they don’t have time to be sending out messages to hundreds or thousands of random foreign guys. You need to make the effort to attain your goals and avoid scammers and time wasters.
  • Only contact the most gorgeous women because, well, that’s who you date back home and, of course, that’s what you deserve. Again NO, this is what you do if you want to remain alone. Of course, you might be the young multimillionaire who does some male modelling work ‘on the side’ but, truthfully, if that’s you then you don’t need to read this article or use a dating site to find a new wife.
  • Don’t upload any photos, after all your mail box is getting filled with messages from women without pictures, so why to bother. Hmmm… except ask yourself this: when was the last time you looked at a profile of a woman who had no pictures of herself?
  • Be a butterfly! This is a technique guaranteed to keep you single, forever! All that you need to do is contact a woman one day and then drop her the next because you saw a more beautiful, better prospect. Keep this technique up and you will never settle down!
  • Always lie about your age. You might think it makes you more attractive to younger women but, even if that were true, they will find out eventually and then you’ll be on your own again because, well, nobody likes liars, do they?
  • Make up stories about yourself. Tell women that you are more wealthy than is true, boast about sporting prowess, show off cars and houses that aren’t yours – women love that stuff-  NOT! If a woman might be moving to a new country to be with a new man as husband she must be able to trust you and believe what you say. When she catches you out in an easy lie like this then you can be sure she won’t hang around for more serious untruths!

This Is What Success Looks Like on


If you are one of the minority of guys who put into practice all the suggestions below than you’ll be beating off contacts from attractive women with a stick. Women want consistent, honest, well-sorted, confident guys. Real men who do the following will all be seen in a good light!


  • Always have good pictures on your profile. Use at least 2 or 3 recent, well exposed, in focus, images. Make sure to include a good picture of your head and face because women tend to be attracted to a guy’s face first; many women claim that they can see a man’s soul in his eyes. (you don’t have to believe it, but help them to believe in you!)
  • Communicate with women in a reasonable age range from yourself. Different guys have a different range but a working suggestion is to stick to women who are no younger than about 16 years younger than yourself. It isn’t impossible to have a good relationship with a woman who is much younger than you but times have changed and, these days, younger women in Ukraine no longer have any great interest in older guys. As a rule of thumb, I’d always suggest that you don’t contact women who are significantly younger than you would expect to date at home.
  • Successful guys are proactive. This is very important. On you have unlimited ability to contact as many women as you wish. Log in every day or two and contact at least 20-30 each day. Don’t write individual introductions, use a copy/paste message to introduce yourself as an icebreaker. Of course, that means you will be contacting women who might not be your first choice but by communicating with many women from Ukraine you will learn more about Eastern European women and understand them better and that will, in turn, help you to understand the woman who becomes your first choice. In addition, because you understand them better you will be more attractive to these women. A surprise that successful men find is that the woman they choose to make their life with is often quite different to the type of woman they initially had in mind.
  • The kid in the candy store effect does not apply to you! Many men tend to contact a woman, think she is the best woman in the world and the next day find a ‘better’ woman and drop the first. If you find a person that you like and with whom you build a rapport then stay with her, for a while at least.
  • A real man is honest! Honesty is a trait highly prized by women everywhere, but nowhere more so than Ukraine where for many reasons men tend to be dishonest with their women. Successful men are successful because the women they meet trust them and do not want to lose them!

These guidelines are not difficult to follow but for some reason guys seem to find it hard to avoid falling into the traps. Perhaps the idea of being on contact with so many attractive ladies acts as a distraction, keeping them away from focusing upon their goals. Be strong, focused, and straight with the women you meet and in your online Ukrainian dating and you will do just fine. You’ll see just what success looks like on!


Good luck with your Ukrainian dating